The ability to inspire others to reach, inspire, and take action.

“There is always a story to tell and lessons to ponder based on what a person, institution, corporation, non profit entity, etc. has learned over time.  There is wisdom gained from the trying, failing, persevering, and the eventual success and refinement of a vision.I have found that the materials held in an archives have a unique power to teach, inspire or motivate…and this is why I love managing an archives.One begins to see patterns that repeat in the stories embedded within each collection.  When given the chance to linger with this documentation, themes emerge — and one recognizes lessons being reframed and played out over time.  I have found that archival collections very often contain repeating refrains…stories that hold an extraordinary ability to inspire others to reflect, assimilate, reach, and take action.”

~ Janine St. Germain